guys, Skyrim is just so perfect i don’t think i’m ever coming back to the internet.

I made an Imperial but got bored of it so I started over with a High Elf. I decided not to start on the main questline right away so instead I joined the Dark Brotherhood, which is just so lovely. I’m working on becoming a vampire (I’ll save werewolves for another playthrough) and finding all 15 Daedric items (I got the Mace of Molag Bol from a quest and it’s so fucking badass I cannot take it). I’m only level 12 right now but I’ve been exploring everything I can and I haven’t even made a dent. Every time I think I’m finished with an area I find another dungeon or I get another quest.

I love that Skyrim is such a huge game, not only in terms of size but also in terms of immersion. Quests don’t just stick you in one town or one dungeon; they send you all over the map. And even though there are over 120 dungeons, each one is distinctly different. The dialogue and reactions of the NPCs are A+ and I think it’s hilarious how they shrink away from me when I pull out my daedric mace. I love the lore behind the world/weapons/armor and I love even more that they tied older games into Skyrim (Lucien, anyone?). I love that the writers gave NPCs their own personalities and ambitions. I think Astrid from the Dark Brotherhood has to be my favorite character just because of how tragic she is. Arnbjorn is a close second. It’s the small details that really make the game. I just love that there are so many ways to play Skyrim. The fact that it’s so open ended makes it feel more personal to me when I create a character, shape their identity, befriend or kill NPCs.

I feel like I’ll never love another game the way I love Skyrim. I could go on forever, but I’d rather get back to playing the game.

  1. baptiser said: i’m about 17 hours in. i’m a wood elf werewolf, heavy armor battle axe proficiency.
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    Guys, Skyrim is just so perfect i don’t think i’m ever coming back to the internet.
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