baptiser replied to your post: guys, Skyrim is just so perfect i don’t think i’m…
i’m about 17 hours in. i’m a wood elf werewolf, heavy armor battle axe proficiency.

i think i’m about 15 hours in right now. i’m a high elf with light armor one-handed mace proficiency. i’m gonna go heavy armor and werewolf on my next character and i’m debating on whether or not to use a two-handed weapon or go unarmed.

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  1. g100m said: it really fucking blows that they removed the unarmed skill. I know there are perks that increase the damage done by unarmed attacks, but it’s just not the same as being able to focus that from the start. that’s literally my only complaint so far.
  2. baptiser said: two handed weapons are kind of give and take. i usually one shot enemies, but they don’t block for shit and if i get surrounded i can get fucked pretty easily because i don’t have enough defensive perks yet.
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